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Jule Presents: Free Master Class Series

Hello! Welcome to our Master Class Series! We know this is a challenging time for our world enduring the many setbacks caused by Covid-19. My season with Miami City Ballet ended early. We were just about to open with Don Quixote which has now been postponed until next season. Although it has been hard not dancing with my peers, this quarantine has shed a light on other ways to connect and keep up the art form through virtual platforms.

I have been thinking about how to give back and connect with the dance community all over the world. Dance has always been there for me through the toughest times and this is no exception. Dance and fitness are great outlets to release endorphins and generally a fun way to bring together the community. 

I have rounded up some of my best friends and former colleagues from around the world to bring free master classes directly to you with the opportunity to work with these professionals one-on-one for individualized coaching sessions. As we roll out these videos, please feel free to pass them on to your family and friends on social media! The more the merrier!

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