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About Us

Reshaping dancewear to accommodate all body types

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Bridging fashion and function so you can

look and feel your best. 

Whether you are; stepping into the studio for the first time, rehearsing for hours on end, ready to nail that audition, or just want to feel really good about yourself...


We are your support system (literally!). Providing non-distracting dancewear that gives you the strength and confidence you need to be authentically YOU.

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A note from the founder and designer--

My name is Julia Cinquemani. I am a former professional ballerina with Miami City Ballet and Los Angeles Ballet. Altogether, I have danced professionally for over a decade. Ballet has been first and foremost in my life, but I have always had entrepreneurial interests and a love for fashion. I started designing, sewing and selling wrap skirts to sell at my hometown dancewear store in Dallas, TX at age 14. Years later I decided to invest in more ideas I had for creating better fitting dancewear.

I established Jule Dancewear in 2011 with a goal as a young professional dancer and female entrepreneur to “reshape dancewear”. My mission is to design and produce dancewear that offers support, conforms to all body types, is high quality, and incorporates the latest in fashion with a commitment to made in the USA.

When I created Jule Dancewear, I was in my teenage years and my body was going through a lot of changes. I found the need to create a leotard that offered coverage and support for dancers with curves.

I hated that my ill-fitting leotards were making me self conscious in a profession where confidence is key. I wondered, are there any leotards on the market that cater to this need, and that are understood and designed by a dancer? That is when I decided to incorporate the support of a sports bra into a leotard. As a result, we are known for reshaping the dancewear mold to support all body types. I now design all types of dancewear I see a need for. Every detail of each design is carefully tailored to function and flatter all body types. I test and choose the highest quality fabrics and incorporate the latest in fashion. All products are made in the USA where quality is high and our standards are met. I believe in the importance of doing our part to sustain our local community of garment manufacturers in my hometown of Dallas, TX.

It brings me so much joy to see my designs come to life on dancers all over the world. In this industry self-love and confidence is everything. If I can help someone feel good about themselves with something as simple as what they are wearing, then I feel like I have done my job. Every dancer should have the confidence they deserve!



Julia Cinquemani danced professionally with Miami City Ballet for 4 seasons, retiring in 2021. Formerly she was a Principal dancer with Los Angeles Ballet and danced with the company for 7 seasons. Julia has performed lead roles in George Balanchine's Divertimento No. 15, Who Cares?, Concerto Barocco, Four Temperaments, Agon, and Rubies as well as principal roles in the classics; "Odette/Odile" in Swan Lake, and "Aurora" in The Sleeping Beauty, "Giselle", "Kitri" in Don Quixote, and "Juliet" in Sir Frederick Ashton's Romeo and Juliet.


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