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Master Class: Ballet Barre with Chloe Watson

Chloe Waston is a professional dancer with Peninsula Ballet Theatre. She is joining us to teach a ballet barre! Chloe and I grew up together in Dallas, Tx where we both trained at Dallas Ballet Center as well as Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Chloe went on to earn a degree from SUNY Purchase in NY. She then danced with American Midwest Ballet (formerly Ballet Nebraska) for 5 seasons before joining Peninsula Ballet Theatre in California.

Chloe has built a repertoire of original works that she has choreographed over the years. She is available for commissioned choreography or coaching for variations and solos. If you would like a one on one session with Chloe, do not hesitate to reach out. She is eager to work with individuals of all ages for private classes or working through post injury strengthening and recovery.

Although it is unfortunate that dance companies around the world are all shut down, it provides a great opportunity to connect with dancers such as Chloe, for a limited time while her schedule is open.

Please contact Chloe here:

Enjoy Chloe's ballet barre in the video below!

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