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Shop the Long Rehearsal Wrap Skirt in Slate Blue, a must-have for any ballet dancer's wardrobe. This elegant skirt features a beautiful hi-lo taper from front to back, adding a touch of drama to your dance ensemble. The wrap style allows for easy adjustment and a comfortable fit, making it perfect for long rehearsals. Made from high-quality chiffon fabric, this ballet skirt offers coverage while still allowing you to show off your legs and dance movements with grace and fluidity. Elevate your dance attire with this Long Rehearsal Wrap Skirt and exude confidence and poise in every pirouette and plié.

Long Rehearsal Wrap Skirt: Slate Blue

  •   Hip
    A/SM 33"-37"
    A/ML 38"-43"

    Skirt length both sizes: 24" (center back)

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