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What's in Julia Cinquemani's Jule Tote?

Julia Cinquemani's Jule Tote
Julia Cinquemani's Jule Tote while on tour with Miami CIty Ballet

What's in my favorite Jule Tote? All of the essentials of course! I compiled a list of any and everything I might need at any given time during rehearsals and performances.

What's inside:

-flat shoes

-2-3 pairs of pointe shoes. In various states of strength; dead, medium-soft, brand new

-2 pairs of toe pads, good to alternate when one pair becomes damp to avoid blisters

-masking tape for general toe taping and taping ribbons

-paper tape for more irritated toes

-2nd skin for big toes or blisters

-small donut pads

-duct tape to re-line the inside of my pointe shoe shank/sole


-sewing kit for prepping pointe shoes (needles, thread, lighter, box cutter)

-golf ball for rolling out feet, racquet ball for muscles

-1 Jule Dancewear printed wrap skirt and 1 Jule solid color wrap skirt

-reusable water cup with straw and lid for easy sipping. I don't like to guzzle water while dancing


-extra leotards and tights

-lipstick, remember to smile! ;)

xo- Julia

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