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Staying in Shape During COVID-19

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to drop some resources for dancers wanting to stay in shape during this scary and difficult time. I am home on quarantine as Miami City Ballet is temporarily shut down. As the Corona Virus spreads many of my friends in companies worldwide are on a break. Our health and well-being are of upmost importance and so is our mental health as we stay home and wait this out. I am fortunate that two of my colleagues offer great online options for ballet classes at home.

Kathryn Morgan has a YouTube channel that offers classes from beginner level to advanced, as well as strengthening exercises and mat workouts. Click here to check it out.

Lauren Fadeley and her husband Francis Veyette are the owners of Virtual Veyette Ballet School, a virtual platform for private classes to train live with them in your own home. They are both amazing teachers and two of the most warm and friendly people I know. They both have extensive ballet careers and have a lot of valuable advice to give. I encourage you to check out their bios. Fran teaches here in the school at Miami City Ballet and I love dropping into his class on layoffs. Click here for more information on Virtual Veyette Ballet School.

I hope these resources help! Stay well and feel free to contact me at with any other questions!


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