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Q&A with Jule Ambassador: Monica Cristina Tapia Tamayo

We are so excited to introduce our newest Jule Ambassador, Monica Cristina Tapia Tamayo! We had a Q&A to get to know a little bit more about Monica.

Where are you from and where do you train ballet?

I am Mexican, I am 16 years old, I studied at the Fernando Alonso National Ballet School in Cuba, and I currently study at the Superior School of Music and Dance in Monterrey.

Why do you love ballet and what is your dream role?

I love dancing ballet because I express my feelings and emotions in every movement. A ballet that one day I would like to dance is Swan Lake.

What do you love about Jule?

I love Jule Dancewear since it is a brand with great quality in its products and very comfortable to dance in. In addition, all of their products are very beautiful.

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Sep 04, 2023

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