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Q&A with Jule Ambassador: Gena Nelson

Please help us welcome Gena Nelson to the Jule Ambassador team! We are in awe of Gena's strength and determination as she tackles both ballet and school. Let's get to know her a little more!

Tell us about yourself and your dance background.

My name is Gena Nelson and I am a ballet dancer from San Diego, California. I’m 19 years old and have been training in ballet for 14 years now. I’ve also learned many different styles of dance including modern, contemporary, and jazz, but I have always wanted to be a professional ballet dancer.

I am proud to have completed my Cecchetti ballet training through level 9 earning honors, the highest award for my dancing in my final exam.

I also competed at YAGP two years in a row and placed in the top twelve for my senior classical solo both years.

Where do you train?

I have been training at Lynch Dance Institute in San Diego under the instruction of Alexandra Dickson and Timothy Lynch who helped me become a more athletic and versatile ballet dancer. This year I am training with the Nashville Ballet professional training division and am also pursuing my college education in my spare time.

What do you love about ballet?

I have always been a very creative and expressive person, so ballet has really been an avenue for me to explore artistry and athleticism all in one. I think that is why I love ballet so much. It takes incredible physical and emotional discipline and strength, but the end result is something so beautiful.

What do you love about Jule Dancewear?

I am so incredibly excited to represent Jule Dancewear this year, as I feel that this company in many ways represents me. The inclusivity and body positivity that Jule dancewear supports, is something that I am proud to get behind.

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