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Laura Chachich // Photos by Jean Celeste Photography

Laura Chachich, Soloist with Los Angeles Ballet, shoots with photographer Jean Celeste in Santa Monica, CA. Laura is pictured wearing the Carbon Leotard in Poppy and Princess Leotard in Pink Heather.

Laura Chachich wearing Jule Dancewear
Laura Chachich in the Carbon Leotard

Laura Chachich in Jule Dancewear
Laura Chachich in the Princess Leotard

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Jan 29

The collaboration between Laura Chachich and Jean Celeste Photography, capturing the elegance of ballet in Santa Monica, underscores the importance of media digitization. As these photos depict the grace and artistry of a dancer, preserving them digitally ensures that such moments of beauty and skill are not lost over time. Media digitization allows these artistic expressions to be appreciated by future generations, maintaining the legacy and impact of the artist's and photographer's work far beyond the moment they were captured.

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