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How Inclusivity is Reshaping the Dancewear Market

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Dance Business Weekly asks Jule Dancewear how the dancewear market is changing.

" Jule Dancewear seeks to “reshape” dancewear for curves and all sizes. Half of Jule Dancewear’s business is wholesale, serving as a market barometer for the company, which is testing XL sizes. “We listen to what the market demands,” says Cinquemani. “Oftentimes we receive requests from our wholesalers for their clients for a larger size. Whether it’s for a group of dancers for school uniforms or a single dancer request, we are happy to be able to accommodate these requests.”

Click here to read the full article by Dance Business Weekly.

We are now happy to offer 15 varieties of leotards in the adult XL size! Shop them all here.

Photo: Alaina Broyles // Dancer: Colleen Werner in the Cabochon Leotard

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